8 Questions to Ask Before Filling Your Shopping Cart

Ever found yourself asking, “Should I purchase leather or vegan leather products? Which is better for the environment in the long run?” or, “Is cotton more sustainable than tencel and why?” These questions can easily open a can of worms and lead us to buyers-exhaustion, and if we aren't really disciplined, not having these answers can lead to making compromises. A guide to fabrics and materials and knowing popular fashion labels is important, but what's most important is knowing your personal, non-negotiable, clothing convictions.

Building an ethical wardrobe is multi-faceted, as most good things are! And one of the more difficult things to determine as an ethical shopper are your non-negotiables. There’s so many ways to respect people, the earth, animals and more through ethical shopping, and there’s various ways to do that! Which is why choosing your convictions with confidence is key to building a sustainable wardrobe that you are proud of.

The following quiz is a helpful tool for knowing where your convictions in the world of sustainability and ethics truly lie! After you get your quiz results, visit our resources page for ways to shop ethically or sustainably.