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4 Ways to Want Less

4 Ways to Want Less

Being a conscious shopper is easy. What’s the real challenge? Buying nothing at all. Being content. Saying no. Finding and buying from sustainable brands, thrifting, and waiting on a sale is the easy part. We are always making mental check lists of things we need—something to wear to that wedding or on that trip we’re taking, something that is on its last leg and needs to be replaced, something we just *need*.

What if we chose to repair, instead of replace? What if we chose to proudly rewear (and repost on IG, too) the pieces we once drooled over and said we had to have? That is the real challenge with sustainability. There is always more to have, more to buy, more to desire, but the key to sustainability is being content with less.

But, how do we do that? How do we simply will ourselves into wanting less? There is no cure for greed, but there are easy ways to curb our desires in order to have full control over our consumerism!

Unfollow all your favorite brands (or re-sale pages) on social media.

I know, I know. This one hurts. And it almost seems counterintuitive because if you support a brand, you give them a follow, right? Eh, not so much. Your follow does nothing for them except put you in direct view of everything they post. Their end game is to get you to their website, fill your cart, and check out. While that’s all fine and good when you’re actually in the market for a specific item, the rest of the time you’re being influenced to want something you don’t really need.

The cheat sheet to this method: if they’re really your favorite, you don’t need to follow them to check in on their styles! Instagram saves our searches, so if you ever need to check out their page for new products or ways to style their pieces, search em and let IG remember their handle for you.

Unfollow all of your favorite influencers—fast AND slow fashion—on social media.

While most slow fashion influencers are “doing good” by promoting sustainable brands, they’re still selling you something. We are all fully aware of fomo and its effects, and we aren’t immune to feeling fashion fomo every now and then. Unless the influencer you follow is a friend, relative, or you follow them for reasons other than for style/beauty, hit that unfollow button, babe.

Unsubscribe from every email list that pertains to fashion.

How many of us have clicked through an email and purchased something because of a killer sale, when really, we didn’t really need what we purchased? *Raises hand sheepishly.* If you are waiting a very specific item to go on sale from a specific brand, we get it, you can stay on their list. Otherwise, take a deep breath and cut out that direct line of contact.

Don’t go to the mall.

This is, in part, a no-brainer. Most conscious consumers don’t shop at malls or storefronts because most don’t carry sustainable brands. BUT . . . that’s changing. Madewell, J Crew, Nordstrom, and a few other big names are starting to carry sustainable brands like Reformation and Mara Hoffman. We won’t sway you in one direction or another on whether or not it’s the best choice to purchase sustainable items from big names like those (their overall sustainability standards aren’t exactly . . . kosher.) Either way, once you’re there, you’re there, and temptation is a fickle friend. Word to the wise, just stay away.

Are these “rules” a cure-all? Of course not! By nature we are consumers. Feature or flaw, it can be corralled. If you stick to the list above, I guarantee you will find yourself less in want and more satisfied with your own wardrobe, your own style, and your own life. Give it a shot and let us know how you feel after one week of being free of fashion distraction!

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