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5 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

5 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Self-love is the best love, am I right? I’m a big believer in the “treat yo self” mentality (thank you, Donna Meagle) and believe that lingerie is just as much (or more) for the person wearing it as it is for the person they’re with!

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who swoons over lingerie and sleepwear, but I am always drawn to them because they make me feel sexy and fierce without really trying. Self-love is not diminished to lingerie alone, duh, but when February rolls around, what’s the harm in dressing up for yourself?

As beautiful as they are to look at and touch, lingerie fabrics have a history of being harmful for our earth—enter, sustainability. I’ve compiled a short list of companies that are fully transparent about their factory’s working conditions, as well as the sourcing of fabrics, making these brands both sexy and sustainable.


At Lonely Label, people come first. They know all of their suppliers and makers by name, and visit their factories regularly to ensure they all follow and maintain ethical standards and guidelines. They are continually looking for ways to improve their products, to support and uphold the partners who produce them, and minimize their impact on the earth. 

Everviolet designs for the women reclaiming their femininity, specifically after fighting cancer. The Everviolet collection is 100% made in California—designed in San Francisco, and sewn in Los Angeles by a small, family-owned factory. Their fabrics are sourced from ethical, eco-friendly mills in the US, Canada and abroad, and minimize environmental impact through the use of recycled shipping materials and collateral, as well as recycled and re-usable packaging.

The Luva Huva team makes all their orders by hand in the UK, using local supplies and producers when possible, as well as recycled, vintage, and end-of-line fabrics and trims. Since each piece is hand crafted upon ordering, custom sizes are available!

Naja seeks to empower women rather than objectify them. Their factory primarily employs single mothers or female head of households where they are paid above market wages with healthcare benefits. Environmentally, they are reducing drastic waste by using digital printing and fabrics crafted from recycled plastic bottles!


Being mindful of their impact on our beautiful planet is important to Troo. They work with like-minded brands who source sustainable fabric and empower local craftswomen as the primary makers of each piece.

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