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7 Ways to Participate in Fashion Revolution Week

7 Ways to Participate in Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is a movement that began only a few short years ago. In 2013, a building in Bangladesh collapsed. But, this wasn’t just any building. The Rana Plaza building was a western market factory, with five different garment factories held within its walls. 1,138 people died. 2,500 were injured. And it happened while they were making our clothing.

In America, if the walls of our workplace began to crack and the foundations became uneven, if the ceilings regularly splintered and debris fell like rain, we would speak up about it. We wouldn’t go back until it was safe to work. In Bangladesh, that wasn’t the case. In fact, in most factory-driven countries that is not the case. Supply chains overseas are often abusive and defy workers’ rights. Working conditions are not as transparent as they need to be, and labor unions are often prohibited so the people cannot speak up for themselves—even in the face of grave danger. Thousands of helpless people died on April 24, 2013, and thousands more cannot sleep at night because they are still at risk of forced labor and/or working under unsafe conditions.

Enter Fashion Revolution, a global movement that never stops running toward fairness and transparency in the fashion world.

Fashion Revolution Week is the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, where brands and producers are encouraged by people like you and me to demonstrate transparency in their supply chains. But, how do we get them to this? By taking focused action.

  1. Ask #WhoMadeMyClothes? Be curious. Take a photo of your clothing label and tag the brand/retailer on social media, asking #WhoMadeMyClothes? When you speak, brands listen. So, use your voice! You can also ask brands #WhoMadeMyClothes via email. Visit Fashion Revolution’s homepage and use the email tool to contact brands directly.

  2. Sign the Manifesto and share Fashion Revolution’s vision for a fairer, safer and cleaner fashion industry. We need your voice. Let us rise up together and turn this dream into reality!

  3. Write a postcard to a policy maker. Your voice matters—use it! Write a postcard to a policymaker and ask them what they’re doing to create a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry.

  4. Write a love story. Take a stand against disposable fashion and write a love story about an item of clothing you cherish and will never throw away! Because #LovedClothesLast.

  5. Try a #Haulternative. Take part in the #Haulternative challenge and update your wardrobe without buying new clothes. Choose from vintage, 2nd-hand, clothes-swapping, DIY and more!

  6. Go to a Fashion Revolution event. Check the calendar for events happening near you, from workshops to film screenings, catwalks and panel discussions. If you are a south Florida local, join me this Saturday at the GFX x Fashion Revolution Miami—a fun and interactive afternoon with a clothing swap, a panel on circular economy, a DIY and upcycling fashion workshops, and a pop-up shop. Make sure to reach out to me on social media and let me know if I’ll see you there!

  7. Donate. To continue growing Fashion Revolution as a global movement for change, your financial support is needed. Please donate to help Fashion Revolution keep running toward change!

To find out more, visit the Fashion Revolution website. 

Graphics by Heather Knight. Action Kit copy written and owned by Fashion Revolution Foundation. 

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