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Flora & Honey exists to empower conscious consumers in their pursuit of shopping ethically and sustainably.

Find resources, Flora & Honey endorsed brands, style inspiration, and shopping tips from two twenty-something women who've personally made the switch to ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

14 Diverse Ethical Brands You'll Fall in Love With

14 Diverse Ethical Brands You'll Fall in Love With

When I first considered buying ethically-made clothing, I assumed there would be little to no options, and I couldn't have been more wrong! From floral whimsy to structured linens and everything in-between, there's truly something for everyone in the world of ethical clothing and accessories! I've crafted a list below of brands that I've grown to know and love and hope that you will, too.

If you have a love for linen and simple silhouettes

Linenfox is consistent yet diverse. While their inventory appears small, they don't just stop at clothing—you can purchase linen towels, table cloths, aprons, pillow cases, and beeswax candles from Linenfox! All of their products are handmade in Lithuania with organic and toxin-free linens in minimal yet flattering styles. Don't worry about not having a piece in your color or size—the pieces are made after they're ordered, so have fun mixing and matching their wide array of color palettes and fits!

If you were previously a Zara or Anthropologie lover

Then LACAUSA might be for you, m'dear. Floral prints, flowy tops, dresses to die for, and a vast array of quirky pants make up the brand that started in California and lives out their name by financially supporting good causes. Their motto?  "Free your inner tomboy, or find your wistful romantic, and feel like your best you."

If shopping locally is your "thing"

I stumbled across Rane Made only a few months ago and have so loved following her brand on IG! She's a south Florida local and hand makes every piece. Shop here for basics and printed/dyed pieces that you'll just love!

If  you've dreamt of adopting minimalism into your wardrobe

Look no further than Elizabeth Suzann. This woman is a visionary who is literally changing the narrative for fashion. With fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton, cut and sewn locally in Nashville, TN, you can't find anything minimal or as elegant as Elizabeth Suzann. And the best part: no matter your age, no matter your size, there is something for you!

If H&M was bae

I've said it a million times and I will say it again: Everlane is your absolute go-to for ALL basics. You genuinely will not find a more transparent brand who delivers more durable and well-fitting pieces than Everlane. Quote me on it, or don't. Either way, get your tush over to their website, or to one of the brick-and-mortar shops! (PSST, they sell men's clothes, too!)

If artisan jewelry makes your heart skip a beat

Have you heard of Soko? If not, let me be the first to tell you: this is your new favorite accessory shop. With quirky styles that will set your heart ablaze, you will fall in love again with accessorizing. Oh! And if you use the link above to shop, you get $20 off your purchase when you add "Friends20" into the discount code box! How's that for having friends in low places?

If Free People still sneaks its way into your daydreams

One of the most to-die-for ethical brands that I've come across is Christy Dawn, and you'll find the flowing, printed, feminine fits that you'd see at Free People. From the designs, to the fabrics, to production, I just can't get enough of this brand. Their dress selection is honestly out of this world, and their sleek accessories deserve alllll the heart eyes. 

If you secretly always wanted to design your own shoe line

An amazing brand that has crossed my radar is Shoes of Prey. The special thing about this brand is that you get to design every part of your shoe! Any style you see can be made in any color, with any fabric, in any size! What a dream come true.

If Victoria's Secret wasn't as juicy as she promised

Something I love about ethical intimates/lingerie brands is that they represent ALL women's bodies. Each brand below is made ethically, sustainably, and celebrates women's bodies of all sizes and skin colors!

  1. Naja
  2. Lonely
  3. Lara Intimates

If you're craving athletic wear that will make your heart skip a beat

The old adage is true: give a girl cute athletic wear and the gym sounds 100% more fun. You might have heard of these brands before, but if you haven't hopped on the bandwagon now is the time to hop on!

  1. Outdoor Voices 
  2. Share Hope 
  3. Girlfriend Collective

All images are sourced directly from each brand's Instagram feeds.

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