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Fall 10x10 Challenge Round-Up

My second time participating in the 10x10 Challenge was SO much easier and more comfortable than the first. The first time around I didn’t trust myself when choosing my ten items and therefore had a terrible time pairing looks. This time around, I went with my gut. And lemme tell ya, I had a ball this time around.

I started a day late (I was flying all day, can ya blame me) and spent one of the days in my pajamas (some days you’ve just gotta kick up your feet and cast all your cares to the wind) but the eight looks I did style were some of my favorites to date. That’s what I love so much about the 10x10—it really does challenge and push you beyond your typical styling instincts since you’re dealing with less!

My Fall 10x10 pieces are as follows:

One pair of white wide-legged pants, Lacausa

One pair of black skinny jeans, Gap (old)

One white short-sleeved collarless button-down, Second-hand

One black long-sleeved collared button-down, Vintage

One black dress, Solika

One black and white woven sweater-shirt, Second-hand

One white mock neck puffed sleeve sweater, Target (old)

One black sleeveless long vest, Second-hand

One camel jacket, Eileen Fisher (second-hand)

One pair of taupe leather boots, Everlane

Scroll to see how I styled each of these pieces during the Fall 10x10 Challenge!


Day 2 (or Day 1, in my case) is always the easiest. Or, it is for me, at least. I naturally gravitate to the pieces I love the most and like to kick-off the challenge with a look that makes me feel positive about the week ahead!

This look was comprised of the black collared button-down, white wide-legged pants and taupe leather boots.

Day 3 This was my first time wearing this long vest and I was obsessed. I would have loved for this look to feel a little more carefree and I think I attribute my dislike for the look to the tight 3/4 sleeves.

This look made possibly by the black and white sweater-shirt and black skinny jeans, plus the taupe leather boots.

Day 4 was a simple look and I loved it. I did consider pairing it with the camel jacket/coat but it wasn’t quite cool enough, and I felt that it took away from the natural shape of this dress.

This look is comprised of the Solika dress with the taupe boots and didn’t feel the need to layer because this dress is so flattering on its own!

Day 5 I had this outfit on deck in my mind for so long. When I woke up and found that the weather was perfect for a sweater, I just about did a dance in my closet at 7am. White on white is almost as good as black on black. Almost. I’ll certainly be wearing this look again (if Florida’s weather permits it, of course.)

This look features the white puff-sleeve sweater, white wide-legged pants and taupe boots.

Day 6 surprise! The Solika dress made another appearance! This time with a hat. I can’t fully describe how silly I felt wearing a hat, hence my goofy face in the first photo. But I kept it on anyway! I needed to run a few errands on this day and this felt like the perfect outfit for the job. Spoiler alert: it was. To be fully honest though, I did change out of this outfit later that afternoon for a Halloween party!

Day 7 was my “cheat” day, AKA I spent the day in my pajamas in bed. So sue me!

Day 8 Never have I ever loved a look more and I will absolutely be wearing this look again! If it weren’t for the 10x10, I wouldn’t have ever naturally paired grey and camel together but I am so glad I did. An unlikely combo, possibly wrong, but feels so right.

I paired the white collarless button-down with black skinny jeans, the camel jacket, and taupe boots for this look.

Day 9 While I do love the puffed sleeves paired with the sleek, sleeveless vest, I will never live this look down after being compared to Han Solo. #StylingFail. Needless to say, I won’t be rewearing this look, but in theory it’s a great look!

I paired the white sweater with the sleeveless vest, black skinny jeans and boots (and super big earrings to distract from my hair being pulled back into an unwashed, low bun.)

Day 10 was one of my favorite looks of all! A few friends told me I looked like an adult meanwhile I felt like I was flexing too hard—but in the best way.

I paired the white and black sweater-shirt with white pants, the camel jacket and boots!

And that’s it! For the two days I missed, I most likely would have paired the black collared button-down with black skinny jeans, the taupe boots and the camel jacket. The second outfit would have been the white collarless button down with the white pants, paired with the long black vest and taupe boots! I’ll probably be wearing those looks next week, after I spend some time wearing all the other pieces in my wardrobe that I missed so dearly!

If this was your first time through the 10x10 Challenge OR are inspired to join the challenge next time around, I want to see your 10 looks! Tag me in the comments of any looks you posted so that I can see the ways you paired YOUR ten looks! Till next time! xoxo

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