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14 Items on My Must-Have List for 2019

14 Items on My Must-Have List for 2019

Every year, I like to take a good look at my wardrobe and put everything in my closet into one of three categories. Those categories are: keep, repair, replace. I feel as though this is the year for replacing. Anybody ever get around to taking stock of what they have to realize . . . it’s all at the end of its life? That’s how I’m feeling right now.

In a recent blog, I shared three reasons why I think collecting items slowly is the most sustainable way to shop. Creating a list of your needs (and wants) is essential to living out this principle, otherwise we’re likely to make impulse buys.

In addition to the three closet categories above, I have one more that I’m always filtering things in and out of. I call it, the “want” category. Typically, trends and well-advertised brands/items make their way into this category. Because I know I’m easily swayed, I wait long periods of time to consider the items, shuffle them around, and more often than not they get kicked off the list just about as quickly as they came in.

I always try my best to wait until any want/need items are available second-hand (on Noihsaf), but more often then not I’m buying them directly from the online shops in order to support sustainable business. Additionally, if I find to-die-for items that aren’t sustainable or on this list at a thrift shop, it’s likely that I’ll snatch them up. This list isn’t my style bible by any means, but it does serve as a method for me to shop consciously and responsibly in an effort to cut down on frivolous and impulse spending. (Click the images to shop the look!)

1. Running Shoes

At the very top of my list is a fresh pair of running shoes. I’ve been surviving on one pair of tennies I got at Target two years ago and it’s time for an ethical upgrade.

About the brand: Allbirds uses both recycled and earth-conscious materials, and are a certified B-Corp company.

2. Black Denim

Believe it or not, this will be the first pair of new jeans I’ve bought in three years. Yep. Time for a new pair. High-rise all the way!

About the brand: Everlane partners with ethical factories only, and sustainably sources their fabrics/materials.

3. Chelsea Boots

Last year, I needed a pair of boots and decided to try the Everlane Boss Boot. Through that purchase, I learned the difference between my likes and loves. This year, I’m sticking to my roots and getting a black Chelsea boot for the fall/winter.

About the Brand: Nisolo is a no-middle man, fairly priced, and fully ethical company. Get $25 off your first order here.

4. Swim Suit

I haven’t *quite* decided on style, but I’m pretty sure I’m going with a high-leg black bottom.

About the brand: Reformation is, according to my knowledge, the most intense and transparent about their ethical and sustainable standards. I encourage you to read about them here!

5. Year-Round Sweater

Something I realized this year is that I have plenty of heavy layers, but nothing light and easy to throw on during the in-between seasons. This oversized and cropped cotton sweater will be my “cozy up” go-to all year round.

About the brand: Everlane partners with ethical factories only, and sustainably sources their fabrics/materials.

6. Work Flats

Last year, I bought a pair of St. Agni slides and all my camel leather dreams came true. This year, I’m excited to rock these black slingback flat—in addition to my slides, cause you will never tear me away from those beauties. Note: I got these for half the price on Noihsaf!

About the brand: Everlane partners with ethical factories only, and sustainably sources their fabrics/materials.

7. Oversized Blazer

I am certifiably obsessed with THIS blazer specifically, but the price is a lil steep. Unless Eileen Fisher decides to sponsor me, I will probably be going with this blazer instead. But, I won’t be pulling the trigger on the latter until I’m absolutely positive I can’t score this beaut.

About the brand: Eileen Fisher is a socially and environmentally conscious company with radical standards. Their passion is inspiring—read about their company here.

8. Faux Suit Pant

I have two moods: totally chill or all business. I love these pants because they can easily pass as a faux pant suit when paired with a solid blazer. Also, that side zip. Too fab.

(These pants and the blazer above feel frivolous listing as “needs” but may become a requirement depending on my next place of employment, which is why they snuck their way into my needs list rather than simply wants.)

9. Black Belt

The last time I bought a belt was in 2015, which is probably why it’s about to tear into three pieces. It’s time for a refresh for sure, and I’m going with Nisolo for this one.

About the Brand: Nisolo is a no-middle man, fairly priced, and fully ethical company. Get $25 off your first order here.

daniel wellington

10. Watch Band

*This company is not ethical or sustainable!*

My husband bought me a watch from DW for a wedding gift two years ago (before either of us were conscious consumers) and the watch band is almost completely shot. So, what’s the most sustainable option in this situation? Replace the band, but not the watch itself. I certainly don’t need a new watch face, so it’d be silly to replace the hardware when it’s still in working condition. In this case, replacing the band is the most sustainable option!

11. Dôen Blouse

Thus begins my list of wants. Dôen released their spring line a few weeks back and I’ve been drooling ever since. Will I actually get this top? Debatable, but it sure is pretty.

About the brand: Dôen is passionate about their supply chain and the women impacted by their business. Read more about them here.

12. Casual Dress

Me to me: “Do I really need a casual dress? I swear I see everyone and their mom wearing this style. But it’s so cute. I want it.”

About the brand: Groceries Apparel is made of recycled and organic materials and every piece is hand made in California. Learn more here.

13. Occassion Dress

I am fully aware that I have little to no “occasions” to wear a dress like this to, which is why it’s at the very bottom of my want list. I love this dress because of the cut and whimsical fabric, but unless I’m invited to a wedding this year, I won’t be needing it.

About the brand: Hazel + Folk is an ethical and sustainable company based out of Australia. They are consistently making improvements to their standards, which can be reviewed here.

14. Hoop Earrings

I haven’t landed on the specific style, but I know I want a pair of tortoise shell style hoops. This was the closest style I could find for now, so I’m keeping my eye out for a different shop that sells tortoise shell hoops.

About the brand: Soko is a craftsman only company that uses locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials. Read more about their standards here.

Even as I scroll through this list, I’m thinking of other items I want. But do I need them? Not really. And realistically, to add any other full-price items to this list would be defeating the entire purpose: to cut down on frivolous and impulse buys.

I encourage you to create your own list of wants and needs for this year, and try your hardest to stick to it! (Outside of thrifted buys, unless you’re totally hardcore about the list concept.) I can guarantee you will find more contentment in what you own when you have a goal in mind, and you will save money in the long run! Leave a comment letting me know what items are on your list!

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